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tv   News  ABC  September 3, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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we got all of this money and now we're trying to spend it all as fast as we can because we know that he's coming. >> earl the storm has come along the north carolina outer banks and is now tracking up the east coast. i'm joce sterman as we are getting the first daylight looks at the ocean getting infencive out here. we're seeing the wind pick up and we've seen it all in the last 24 minute oz are so. we're seeing a lot of people in ocean city who stuck around to see what this is all about. they are coming out of their hotel rooms and getting their first look at the waves. we've been watching the waves. it is really starting to get nasty out here. everyone is wonderle will it
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get much worse? we'll keep you posted with the details as they happen. back to you. >> reporter: i'm linda so live at bwi airport monitoring the flights for delays or cancellations because of hurricane earl. what you need to know. "good morning, maryland." i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. the big story we've been talking about since 4:00 this morning, hurricane earl and the driving gusts driving rains and churning through north carolina and starting to be felt in southern parts of virginia and on its way up the east coast. let's goat to lynnette charles. >> reporter: we are watching earl this morning. it is bringing rain bands now, lots of rain into the outer
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banks. let me show you what's going on because we do have beaches under a tropical storm warning and the winds about 30 to 60 miles per hour. the waves are 8 to 10 to 15 feet. check out what's going on in ocean city. not much change there and we do have the winds out of the north east. we have joce there standing by. tell white house you have. >> good morning. we moved to higher ground because we wanted to give you a better view of the ocean. it's scary out there. we saw things yesterday shaping up to be a bit dicey. they let surfers out on the beach and now we have people who are living here.
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a couple of hours makes a difference. when we first walked out cried, just another day at the beach nothing happening. two hours fast forward, a big defense. it's dulled down a little bit. rain, wind will start and stop. we'll continue monitoring this. we'll have the latest from ocean city coming up. back to you guys. >> thanks, joce. hurricane earl's powerful gusts and driving rain are starting to be felt in southeastern virginia. the rain bands stretched about 140 miles up the southern tip of the check peek bay in virginia. sustained winds were whipping the north carolina coast and
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u.s. coast guard station at marreris reported highest gusts at 67 miles per hour before midnight. earl had weakened late last night. >> so as always, you can get the latest on hurricane earl on we have a live web chat right now. we're showing you video behind the scenes before 4:00 this morning with joce and justin. we have the active earl. check out the web site, up-to- the-minute news on our home page and everything you need to know. just go to the weather tab and click on the hurricane center. stay with abc 2 news as more earl moves up the east coast. join us today for abc 2 news at 5:00 and 6:00 with live reports on ocean city with more tonight at 11:00. meggen? it is 6:35 right now. more americans are planning to head out of town for the labor day weekend than a year ago.
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what remains to be seen is the big question. aaa expects 34 million people to travel at least 50 miles from their home up nearly 10% before 2009. so where are most people from baltimore headed? aaa conducted a survey. the most popular driving destinations are new york city, virginia beach, atlantic city, ocean city and philadelphia. the hurricane with that being a concern, some people at the last minute are changing their plans. megan, traffic is looking good. as we take a peek right now at our drive times it will be in the green on the outer loop and
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the topside. southbound lanes flowing smoothly. on the jfx, only four minutes at this time. as we check our maps, looking at a cup of road hazard incidents around the area in glen arm. harley mill road closed because of a downed tree. traffic is able to pass along harford road. old frederick road at waveerly way. megan, jamie, back to you. huffing and puffing through this morning cutting through the east coast. how powerful can winds of 100 miles per hour or more be? we'll take to you new england to find out.
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it's 6:39 right now. we've been waiting for hurricane earl all week long and now it's taking aim at north carolina particularly around kill devil hills, kittyhawk and that area of north carolina. that's where we find sandra endo who's live with more on the situation there. sandra, good morning. >> reporter: well, megan, this is the starting point of hurricane earl's path up along the east coast. and the brush along north carolina shores earlier this morning and we're still feeling strong weekends and pelting rain. we are seeing high surf as well. we understand there's no reported damage in the county as of yet. the mayor has said 90% or so of the tourists have fled town because there's several
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evacuation orders. as the storm makes its way up thest east, the president will i'm sandra indoe for abc 2 news. if you are watching us, your bags are packed and you say, should i go now? people up and down the east coast are bracing for the worst. >> i'm meteorologist justin berk live at 18th street here in ocean city just over my shoulder. look at the waves getting about 10 footers out there now. a squall line just outside the dark clouds should be pushing rain, more wind and bigger waves over the next half hour to an hour. you can see the big ones breaking out there. we've got a live report coming up. live in the studio, i'm going to give you all of the updates and changes in earl coming up along with your labor day forecast. i think you are going to like it. i'm linda so live at bwi
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marshal airport. how earl is affecting your travel plans and what you need to know if you are catching a flight this holiday weekend. also getting out, how about top tourist destinations that will be a little smart this labor day weekend? hard to believe but that's what hurricane force winds can do. we'll take to you a place that studies the impact. more inspecs than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken.
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the frozen zone. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery, just real, all white meat, made with 100% natural ingredients. perdue frozen chicken. all white meat. no mystery. . god's truly in control of this. >> you never know what's gonna happen. >> what's happening now is wind and a lot of rain up and down the east coast. hurricane earl's certainly not over yet. 6:45 friday morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. right now this morning, we have team coverage across the area all the way from north carolina to baltimore to the eastern shore and ocean city. we have you covered. we have two meteorologists on
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staff tracking the storms this morning. so first, let's go to meteorologist justin berk. >> all right, justin, good morning. >> reporter: we passed high tide three hours ago without flooding so no big deal, right? we are following ocean city 4 to 5 foot waves, 77 degrees and rain. yet another report j. just offshore, 15 to 21 foot waves. now let's show you what the ocean looks like. there is a squall line just offshore. i can tell you that it's actually started to push the water back up. i said the tide was peaking about three hours ago. the water is being pushed ahead of that squall line. occasionally you can see some of waves breaking at 10 feet or so, and we've got some spray you can see the influence of strong winds at the top of some of those waves blowing that basically from north to south. the sea is getting angry. you have to ping-pong your shot
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in either direction to see the strong waves. fred, go back the or way. we've got one that just broke right there. we have 10 to 12 foot waves coming in. the beach itself here at 18th street is holding up well. we had flooding problems where we lost sand in the 100s yesterday. and the conditions go downhill and it's probably the worst part between now and about noon. live in ocean city, meteorologist justin berk. >> thank you, justinp as we track the storm from north carolina up the east coast, what are you experiencing? we'll find out more from him later on but now we'll send it over to lynnette charles. oh, i'm sorry -- >> let's talk about what's going on right now. we are looking at headlines.
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our headlines, you know what, are showing the tropical storm warning that we had. we had a hurricane watch earlier but right now things are looking good. we had winds 30 to 60 miles per hour. we'll also be seeing some waves and also some beach erosion as we go into time today. we also have an advisory as well. let me show you what's going on as we look at ocean city as of now. 76 degrees currently. check out the winds now. you see that 15 to 16 mile-per- hour winds north-north east? that's what we're dealing with. then we're also looking at the radar here. maryland's most powerful radar. we are looking at those bands. what justin was just saying about the squall line that he saw, this is what we're waiting to see if it comes onshore. he's already getting some of that light rain moving in. we're going to wait to see that squall line move in because that will be on the nasty side with heavy rain across the
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area. the atlantic satellite, we're showing you what's going on here. again this is just the infrared enhanced satellite. let's send this back over to megan. >> thank so you much, lynnette. we've seen it before what storm winds can do to a home. take a look at this video because it's incredible. a new england company in rhode island test what hurricanes can do. let's visit right now fm global where employees break things for a living. that sounds like a fun job. they put materials under extreme conditions and test the breaking point. the engineer simulates the force of a category 3 hurricane. he says debris can travel as far as the wind can carry it. >> you can still see wind-borne debris in a category 1 storm or like we see with earl. >> the gravel in the driveway can shoot up and do a lot of damage. and we have up and down the east coast with earl with
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flights being monitored. linda so is live at bwi marshal airport with how earl is impacting the weekend travel. >> reporter: no major cancellations or delays we're dealing with. a lot of us take to the road to head to our final labor day destination for the summer but still hurricane earl is causing a little bit of headache for those who have to fly this weekend. from the carolinas to the new england coast, labor day vacationers are keeping a close eye on the storm. so far, flights out of baltimore are running on time. several major airlines are allowing customers to rebook their flights. south west is allowing customers to get ahead of the storm and catch an earlier flight. >> some passengers are wanting to go early. wear allowing that at no extra charge. >> reporter: airport officials do recommend that you check the flight status to look for any cancellations or delays ahead of time before you get to the airport just in case hurricane
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earl does cause trouble for you. we're live at bwi marshal. linda so, abc 2 news. >> linda, now, as some prepare for earl, some may be cleaning up. it's slamming right now in north carolina. along the outer banks, the storm is impacting thousands especially in the atlantic beach area this morning. lem i schmidt is live right there right now with more this morning. tell us about the conditions there, emily. >> reporter: jamie if we hadn't been talking to you all morning so you saw what we were going through when the winds were gusting and waves were coming up and the rain was coming down, i'm not sure you would believe me when i say a category 2 hurricane has already been through here. it is so much better right now. the skies are clear. as the sun comes up, we're getting glimpses of sunlight. there has been a huge difference, though. when you look behind me, you see that pier. when we came out this morning, the waves were breaking above the xs on the pier. now we're probably talking 4 or 5 feet waves.
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we've even seen people walking fairly close to the beach to get a sense of what they've been through ander ander what that they feel they've dodged. jamie? >> an incredible shot. i can't believe it. thank you very much there. emily schmidt reporting live in north carolina where the sun is up and the waves are starting to back down a little bit. our continuing coverage this morning on hurricane earl. all week we been gathering information up and down the east coast. megan has moved into the newsroom and is watching the coverage as it is a big operation,it not, megan? >> it is. i'll tell you, this is the area viewers don't get to see much. it is our home away from home when the weather is bad or story is big. the reporter runs the assignment desk. it is a tough job. i know you have two meteorologists on staff, multiple live crews. how has the whole planning process been? >> it's been quick but
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thorough. we're just making sure we stay in touch with the crews as we go here and stay in touch with contacts in ocean city and everywhere else and just make sure we're getting the news out there. >> reporter: are you getting phone calls from viewers and anybody asking questions? >> not so far this morning. it's been quiet surprisingly, but the phones, i expect, will be ringing off the hook as soon as people start waking up and wanting to know more about what's going on with the storm. >> reporter: we were just told to wrap it up by our producer dan. you know it's a big story when this woman's in here. this is kelly, the boss of the newsroom. then here larry carney who's been here for 24 hours, our web producer. so this is what it looks like in a newsroom when there's big stories going on. back to you in the studio. >> better way from kearny than that? okay. as always, you can get the latest on hurricane earl on our web site, we have a live web chat going on right now.
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we're having video behind the scenes. we have an active earl blog that is tracking conditions as they change. so check out up-to-the-minute news on our home page waiting for you right now. just go to the weather tab and click on hurricane center. stay with abc 2 news for a complete live team coverage as earl moves through. join us again at 9:00 this morning and then today on abc 2 news at 5:00 and 6:00 live from ocean city. we'll have more coverage again tonight at 11:00. let's see the latest on the hurricane. okay. hurricane earl, still no big change now. still moving to the north-norm east at 16 miles per hour. it's 219 miles away south- southeast of ocean city, maryland. this is a category 2 storm as of now. so let me put this into motion.
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we're basically seeing this lighter yellow here, tropical storm force winds. that's what we'll be dealing with throughout the day. things are already starting to deteriorate across ocean city. so extending all the way out from the center, the orange thing, 200 miles out. we'll feel that as we go throughout the day. definitely going to be here all day long. let's send it over to kim brown with traffic. no real problems on the friday commute. just dealing with a couple of minor incidents. harley mill road remains closed because of a downed tree and wires blocking that intersection. here's route 50 at the kent narrows bridge. if you are making your way to ocean city no issues. we don't have any delays up and down 95.
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the beltway is pretty mouth. megan and jamie, back to you. >> join us again at 9:00 in the morning and then again on abc 2 news at 5:00 and 6:00 and more coverage at 11:00. just basically keep it here. >> how about emily's report when she started in the rain and then it's great. >> she's in the clear, too. >> don't they always say after a hurricane the weather is really nice? >> a. yes and the eye of the hurricane, too, is where you see the calm. all right, let's watch "good morning america" next here at 7:00. have a great rest your morning.
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